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B&H360 排毒美颜宝

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香港 B&H360 排毒美颜宝 30 Caps

【 25年保持 No.1排毒产品 】BH360 李司棋、劉丹代言


Hong Kong B&H Detox 

25 Years Continuous No.1 Detoxification Product


All-rounded Detox Therapy

Get Ready for Everyday


Nowadays, we are exposed to the threats of pollutants from our daily environment and diet, some toxins will also be produced in our bodies during metabolism process. These pollutants and toxins shall be discharged daily from our bodies through defecation, urination, sweating and exhalation. Stressful live and irregular eating habit may lead to block our detoxification passageway. Toxins will be accumulated in our bodies and induce constipation, face problems, aging, bad breath, overweight and unsound sleep etc. Many detox products in the market are only focus on stimulating bowel movement and defecation, but ignoring the integrity of detoxification. Therefore, an all-rounded detoxification product is essential to us in order to achieve a healthy and beauty life, as well as to maintain ourselves in the best condition all the time, get ready for everyday.

B&H is a natural unpolluted herbal essence based Health Food Supplement. It is manufactured by GMP factories. The unique essence of COS™ is an all-rounded detoxification element which can excrete waste and toxins thoroughly. It is applicable to those problems brought to our body in modern living, such as difficult defecation, pigmentation, face troubles overweight, bad breath, unsound sleep, lack of physical strength, indigestion, absolute swelling, dry and pale skin, poor immune system etc. It can strengthen the function of detoxification, and is the best choice for health preservation.

The scientific test conducted by Hong Kong local university on B&H showed that it can effectively discharge common pollutants and provide health protection from the inevitable pollutants taken into our bodies everyday. It has a stronger anti-oxidization effect than vitamin C which can help to clear free radicals and anti-acing. Also it can maintain human body in clean and healthy condition.

Long Far commissioned a Hong Kong local university to conduct tests on B&H. The research focuses on testing the pollutants in our daily life, such as mercury, lead and pesticides (DDT. The result of the scientific study indicated that B&H is effective in reducing the levels of toxins inside the body after administration for 30 consecutive days. B&H can significantly lower the levels of mercury in the kidney, lead in the thighbone, and pesticides (DDT) in the blood.

B&H could significantly lower the mercury level by 64% in kidney.

B&H could significantly lower the lead level by 81.7% in thighbone.

B&H could significantly lower the pesticides (DDT) level by 44.04% in blood.

B&H has developed a solid market in Hong Kong and expanded our distribution channels to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and United States Kingdom etc.


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